How it works

The “Urban Green” Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

From JLanka Technologies, is a revolutionary device that utilizes not only grid AC electricity but also solar power connected to it, to run the Air Conditioner in the most efficient way possible.

The system consists of three sections

01. The Indoor unit

The indoor unit is the dispenser where in cool air is filtered and permeated into the room. It uses moderate amounts of electricity and is fitted with a state of the art LED display that indicates features such as modes, temperature,flow..etc.

02. The Outdoor Unit

The unit also uses a hitachi DC compressor to provide unparalleled performance and reliability.

03. Solar panel

The solar panels play a key role in the effective energy production and distribution. We use 3 solar land panels that are 300W and rated at 15.6% efficiency. (Note highest rated panels are currently at 24.1%)


When the sun is up, the “Urban Green” Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner uses the incoming Solar Power to run the entire system. Thus significantly saving your day time electricity consumption up-to 85% which is SEER Rating of 36.

Day time electricity consumption


SEER Rating


Regular Usage

During regular use, the system utilizes the grid but the consumption is significantly different from Regular or Inverter Air Conditioners due to the all DC component design with the patented Low-Current draw when starting. This allows the "Urban Green" Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner to be up-to 45% more efficient than Regular Air Conditioner and 30% more efficient than the best Inverter Air Conditioner money can buy.

Efficient than Regular Air Conditioner


Efficient than the best Inverter Air Conditioner



Energy Saving


More efficient than Regular AC


More efficient than Inverter AC


Day time electricity consumption saving

The "Urban Green" Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner, due to its all DC design allows it to be up to 45% more efficient than Regular ACs and 30% more efficient than Inverter ACs.

Fresh Air

The state of the art, 3-layer filter within the indoor unit ensures your air is fresher and cleaner when it is circulated in the room. Below summarizes the 3 layers.

  2. Removes fine cotton lint, dust, mold and other particles such as PM2.5 that are created by the combustion of fossil fuels.

  4. The bacteria and other particles that are small as 0.01 micron.

  6. Can ionize the H2O to anion which intern enriches the air making your room fresher than the Himalayas.

These combination of filters also remove bad odor from the room, giving a rejuvenating freshness in the air. The innovative design of the 3-layer filter also allows it be detached and washed to maintain the freshness in the room.


The use of R-410A refrigerant

which is the only refrigerant in the market that doesn't deplete the ozone layer. This in combination with the "Urban Green" Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner use of Solar Panels, makes it the most Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioner in the market.

Online Monitoring

The "Urban Green" Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner can also be controlled and monitored online with apps available on the App Store and Google Play.

It can replace the regular remote, that is nevertheless available with the system, including all the functions the remote could do and more such as set specific measure electricity usage and more.

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